Mini Kart

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Affordable fun, just the right size! This gas powered go kart is fun for the whole family! With color coordinated hand controls instead of foot pedals, your child can easily drive this kart! We also ensure their safety by adding axle ties and a safety floor pan!



Brand:Road Rat Model:Racer XKBSeats: Bucket Top Speed: 25mph Stock (can be slowed down) Chassis:Steel Dimensions:57" (L) x 43" (W) x 16" (H) Brakes:Hydraulic disc brake system Engine: 2.4hp 4 Stroke Weight: 145lbs Displacement:84cc Load capacity:300lbs Distance from front axle to back axle:30" Distance from back of seat to the pedals:29" Tire Size: 10x3.5-5 (Front), 10x4.5-5 (Rear) Crate Size: Approximately 70" x 53" x 18" Seat Size:14" high x 10.6" wide Other Info:Racing Steering Wheel, Foot Controls, 90% assembled Colors:Black


Top Speeds of 20mph

Single Seater – Child Use

Includes Easy Hand Controls

Gas Engine – 40cc

Engine Starts w/ Pull Start

Designed for Ages 7+

Colors: Red, Black